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PET recognises the rights of children with special needs and developmental delays to having equal access to creativity, free play and participation in social life just like any other children:

  1. Able to contribute and participate in fun leisure activities and receive support of equal capacity just like any other child:
    ⦁ Fun leisure activities for relaxation, enjoyment and achievement
    ⦁ Opportunity to do something he/she chooses to do in him/her own time
    ⦁ Social activities and new experiences
  2. Maintain a balance of acceptance and equality of the individual to grow for himself or herself.
  3. Enjoy a sense of achievement and self- sufficiency as well as fostering creativity and decision-making skills.
  4. Dealing and coming to terms with emotions.

PET 认识到特殊需要和发展障碍儿童与一般的儿童一样,有权享有平等,创造,自由发挥和参与促进身体、心理、精神、道德与社会发展的生活:

  1. 在玩耍、休闲娱乐的游戏活动中能积极参与和建设,同时获得给于一般儿童同等的关注和支持:
    ⦁ 放松身心,享受愉悦心情与获得成就的娱乐休闲活动
    ⦁ 拥有自己选择的时段和活动的机会
    ⦁ 参与社会活动和体验新生活经历
  2. 确保接纳与平等的个人成长取得平衡。
  3. 能够享受有能力导向个人的成长感和自由地做自己,培育创意与判断和决定的能力。
  4. 整理个人的感受,使情绪得以缓解,维护心理健康。

Play, Empower, Thrive: A unique play based for children with special needs and developmental delays

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