Why Play? 为什么需要游戏?

“Birds fly, fish swim, and children play.”

– Garry L.Landreth, Play Therapy: The Art of the Relationship

Toys are used like words by children and play is their language. (Garry Landreth, US leading authority and author in Child-Centered Play therapy)

Non-goal oriented play is necessary for child to have emotional development. (Erik Erikson, German-American developmental psychologist and psychoanalyst)

Children develop cognitively and emotionally through play. (Jean Piaget, Swiss psychologist and epistemologist)

Play is the brain’s language and is evolutionarily adaptive. Play provides developmentally appropriate opportunities for attuned interpersonal interactions, in turn shape and reshape brain circuits, thus, lay the foundation for children developmental from academic performance to mental health and interpersonal skills. (Louis John Cozolino, US psychologist)

Benefits of Play:

Social-Emotional benefits :

⦁ Heals emotional pain, improves emotional flexibility
⦁ Creates joy and increase calmness; reduces fear, anxiety and stress
⦁ Increase self-awareness, self-respect, and self-esteem
⦁ Build resilience, adaptability and ability to deal with new situations
⦁ Cultivate empathy, compassion, sharing and respect for thought and feeling of others
⦁ Improves social communication skills
⦁ Increases attention and attachment


• Increases the efficiency of immune, endocrine, and cardiovascular systems
• Decreases stress and fatigue
• Increases range of motion, agility, coordination, balance, flexibility, and motor skills




– 加利·兰德雷斯 (GarryL.Landreth) 游戏是儿童一种内在自发本能的活动

玩具是儿童使用的词汇而游戏是儿童的语言 -加利·兰德雷斯(GarryL.Landreth),美国教育家,北德斯大学游戏治疗中心创办人兼作家
自由非指导性的游戏在儿童情感发展是必要的 -艾力克·艾力逊(Eric H. Erickson),德裔美籍⦁ 发展心理⦁ 学家与⦁ 心理分析学者
儿童通过游戏发展认知和情感 -皮亚杰(Jean Piaget),瑞士的教育心理学家
游戏是大脑的语言,是进化适应性。游戏为和谐人际的发展提供机会,助于塑造和重塑大脑, 为儿童的学业表现,心理健康和人际关系奠定了基础 路易斯·科佐(Louis J。 Cozolino), 美国心理学家



⦁ 情感疗愈, 調節情緒与提升灵活性
⦁ 提升快乐和平静感,降低恐惧, 焦虑和压力
⦁ 提高自我意识,自信和自尊
⦁ 培育同理心,灵活性沟通和协调能力
⦁ 提升社交技巧


⦁ 提升免疫,内分泌,心血管系统的功能
⦁ 减轻压力
⦁ 提升敏捷,协调, 平衡, 灵活性和运动技能

Play, Empower, Thrive: A unique play based for children with special needs and developmental delays

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